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Dinah Anderson

Dinah Anderson brings us 25 years experience and top 100 trainer in the area for 2 years. She is a former bodybuilder and master track and field competitor. She specializes in combined weight training with core and cardio.

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Steve Anderson

Steve is a NIPM certified trainer with 10+ years personal training experience.  Steve feels with proper strength and cardiovascular training, along with a sound diet, anyone should be able to look and feel better.  As he approached 50, it gave him a unique perspective on how important it is to maintain a fitness level that will help you be happier both physically and emotionally.  He specializes in weight loss, toning, muscle and strength enhancement, cardiovascular conditioning and nutritional advice.

Available at Kirby location only.


Brian Bell
Brian Bell

Brian Bell has been involved in sports and fitness almost his entire life, competing in soccer, football, track and field, baseball, basketball, and others.

Brian is experienced in working with professional athletes having completed an internship with the strength and conditioning coach for the Houston Astros.


  • B.S. in Kinesiology from University of Houston
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Red Cross CPR-Adult,Child, Infant/First Aid


  • Sport specific training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain/Bodybuilding
  • Flexibility/Corrective exercise

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Santiago Bolanos

Santiago Bolanos has been a personal trainer since 2000. He attained his Kinesiology Degree (excercise science) from the University of Houston.

Santiago is an Athletic Trainer/Coach for Westbury Christian school and offers sports specific training for soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball and football.

He is bi-lingual and has experience with all age groups. He offers gym, home and outside services.

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Nancy Elliott
Exercise is a lifestyle and I advocate fitness as strength, flexibility, balance, and nutrition. I specialize in core strength and flexibility with a clientele of both men and women of all ages.

Bachelor of Science degree from University of Houston:
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Minor: Physical Education

  • NIPM
  • Physicalmind Institute of New York
    Mat Certification/Course 1 with John Gosset
    Equipment/Course 2 with John Gosset
  • Prenatal Certifications:
    Moms in Motion” / SaraCity
    Motherwell / Bonnie Burke
    Exercise & Pregnancy / ISSA

Continuing Education:
  • Yoga with the Stability Ball
  • Pilates with the Stability Ball
  • Essentials of Resistance Training by Tom Purvis
C.J. Foley

About Me:

  • Experienced trainer with long-term clients
  • Sensitive to your YOU-Nique personal training needs
  • Clients from 15 to 80
  • Specializing in workouts individualized for your unique stage in life
  • Easy-going nature with consistently high expectations for your personal
  • growth

Individualized Training:

  • Easy-to-use nutrition diary for keeping fats low, and protein high!
  • Varied workout to avoid repetition and boredom
  • Follow up with in-between session workout plans
  • Regular measurement of muscle growth, weight loss and body fat index.
  • Scheduling to your convenience
  • Cardio/Muscle building/Improved strength/Flexibility & Endurance

Affordable Rates

  • $40 per session
  • Purchase 5-10 sessions: $35 per session
  • Purchase more than 10 sessions: $30 per session
  • One free session for every 10 sessions purchased

Contact C.J.:
Cell: 281-507-1523

Nidia Glynn CPT

Nidia is a certified personal trainer with over 5 years of experience achieving results for her clients. Nidia is also a certified Zumba Fitness Instructor. Her Zumba classes are a fun workout in a group setting. Burn calories with original Latin dance and exercise.

Call to schedule your personal fitness evaluation or for a Zumba class schedule. Se habla espanol.


Phillip Green
Phillip Green

Phillip is a Certified Strength Coach, Speed and Agility Trainer as well as a Sports Performance Nutrition Consultant

University of Houston

28 years and has developed over 120 College Scholarship Athletes.

Developing middle school and high school athletesfor the next level

Contact Phillip:

Jarred Harrison
Jared Harrison

A graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in Kinesiology, Jared Harrison has been personal training since 2003. While studying, he worked for a national fitness corporation for over three years. During his time training he has gone through a 60 lbs weight loss and that allows him to connect with his clients and understand what they are going through. After graduation, he decided it was time to start his own health and fitness company: HIT FIT, The Health Solution. Certified through the American College of Integrated Medicine in Professional Fitness Instructor Training, as well as in Personal Fitness and Rehabilitative Exercise, Jared has made it his personal goal to change as many lives as he can through positive fitness action and education. Jared is a member of IDEA, the leading organization in the fitness industry. He continually supplements his education through conferences and leading publications in personal fitness and health.

Jared has always been active but had to overcome a 60 pound weight loss to get as fit as he is. A consummate athlete, Jared lifts weights, climbs, trail runs, swims, Runs 5ks, and strives to have great overall physical fitness. He believes that it is important to lead by example and to understand exactly what each of his clients is going through.

Jared believes that the health of a community is just as important as the health of an individual. He has sponsored the Bellaire trolley run and gives time to after-school and church programs. He works with St. Paul’s Methodist in providing youth classes and is also a Big Brother for Big Brothers / Big Sisters. Jared has partnered with other health professionals to jump-start corporate wellness programs.

Offering the solutions people need for a healthy lifestyle has become Jared's personal mission. The success of his clients and his community motivate him. He works with clients on weight loss and management, rehabilitation, sport conditioning, and any special needs. His primary goal is to achieve great customer service and satisfaction, while achieving these results safely.

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Miami Johnson
Miami Johnson

Miami is acertified trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. With 4 years of Army Medical experience aswell as Airborne qualified. “I feel likeI’ve been training my whole life whether it was leading workouts during highschool football or calling cadences in the Army.” Miami’s been featured innumerous magazines including Houston health and fitness, Outsmart, AcademySports and Outdoors, Paper City, and Houston Modern Luxury. His clients range from 15-85 including twothat have lost 100 lbs and one Olympic trials finalist. “I take a unique and detailed approach to each client's fitness goals andhealth concerns. My personalized programs empower people to achieve practicalfitness benefits in line with their goals - and more importantly, maintainthose benefits for a happier life.”

Contact Miami:

Shirley Kayser

Shirley KayserShirley Kayser has 15 years personal training experience and obtained her certification from Baylor Sports Medicine Institute.

She stresses 3 major factors to her clients -- proper diet, weight training and cardiovascular exercise.  Each client is personally trained based on the goal the client wants to achieve for themself. Consistency is key to achieving the desired results.  Shirley starts out slowly to set achievable goals.  Fitness is a lifestyle commitment that leads to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Clients range in age from 21 to 90.

Contact Shirley:

Eric Long

Eric Long graduated from California State University with a degree in Psychology, while working as a trainer and post-rehibilitation specialist in Los Angeles. He began his career in the health & fitness industry in 1999, becoming certified as a personal trainer. Eric received his Pilates certification through the STOTT method, training and interning under the tutelage of John Garey, a close associate of Moira Stott. He has gone through the full instructor training, including all levels of Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrels.

Developing a holistic approach concerning fitness & wellness, Eric continues to utilize all modalities of exercise; combining coordination, balance and core conditioning by implementing practical applications to function and corrective exercise techniques. He has worked with a wide array of clientele, ranging from injuries and disease, to diet and weight loss.

(281) 546-4098
Email Eric at

Marcus Murdock

Marcus has a bachelor of arts in psychology from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and is a National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) certified personal trainer. His background in swimming has lead to years of coaching and stroke technique. He has worked with many people on improving postural distortions through flexibility and strengthening as well as improving minor shoulder, ankle and knee conditions.


  • Improved core strength and balance
  • Increased agility and functional strength
  • Healthy weight loss and nutritional guidance
  • Improve body image and confidence
  • Swimming stroke technique work
  • Swim lessons

Contact Marcus:

Jason Powell

MS Kinesiology, MS Exercise Physiology and currently a PhD candidate.

To start, I have dedicated my life to the highest levels of health, fitness and education; developed a reputation throughout this industry built on trust, respect and offering my hand in guidance whenever given the opportunity. I pride myself on quality service in the US Air Force, holding degrees in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, extensive studies in the martial arts, becoming an accomplished drug free/natural professional bodybuilder and fitness model. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with great athletes in various fields and cross paths with some wonderful individuals and groups in the industry. In the future, I hope to continue to positively influence more people through what I do. And in doing so, hopefully increase the support for all natural athletes and maybe even be lucky enough to see some significant mergers of federations within the natural ranks. Over the years, thousands of fans have expressed to me through letters, emails, and messages so many different ways that I have been able to inspire them to better themselves. I take pride in knowing I have been able to touch so many people in positive ways and hope to continue this in the future.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Modeling
I am proud to announce that I have been welcomed as a professional in the ranks of WNSO/FAME! Starting from my first show, Guam’s Charter Day in November of 1997, to my most recent show, winning the Professional Division of FAME’s 2008 N. American Championships, I have lived and learned the highs and lows of competitive bodybuilding. I gained my “Professional” status with Musclemania in late 2002, and with the NGA in the summer of 2004, with a convincing win at Dion Benjamin’s Southern States Invitational in Galveston, Texas. The world of fitness modeling sort of fell into my lap in 2002. With a last second call and chance to shoot for EAS, which I was placed on their Myoplex Deluxe and Original packaging along with a few covers and several features in their Muscle Media magazine. After that, I discovered how challenging it was to break into the fitness modeling industry. It wasn’t until 2004 that things started looking up again with regards to the modeling. Since then, I have been a busy guy and have become a spokesperson for Optimum Nutrition, the largest supplement company in the world!


Heather Roussel
Heather Roussel

Health & Fitness has always been an integralpart of Heather's life. Always active as a child, Heather was involved innumerous sports and was a competitive swimmer in high school. She alsodiscovered her strengths in power-based sports in college as a powerlifter.Since college, Heather has picked up cycling and running. She enjoys competingin local 5k's, 10k's and the occasional half marathon along with riding in theMS 150.

Heather has been working as a personal trainer since graduating college in 2005.She graduated from LSU with a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in Philosophy andcurrently holds her ACSM Health Fitness Specialist Certification. Herbackground includes working with a diverse client base, but she specializes inworking with special population groups and post rehab individuals. Heatherpersonal training philosophy includes a focus on functional training to preventinjury and improve general health. Heather believes in a personal andindividual approach to training, which helps each individual she works withmeet their health and fitness goals.

"My goal has always been to empower individuals through education. Mostpeople are not looking to score touchdowns or look like models, they just wantlook and feel better in order to improve their quality of life."

Walter Sentonnian
Walter Sentonnian specializes in the arthric client.  He has 12 years of medical experience at Baylor College of Medicine with multi-speciality experience, specifically in Rheumatology.  He holds a BA from the University of Houston.

Walter's goals are to improve acute conditions, see clients through more complex medical conditions, while focusing on nutrition, weight loss, flexibility and muscle and core strengthening.


  • ACE Certified
  • PFIT Certified
  • PFIT-ESNS (Exercise Sport Nutrition Specialist)
Mary Jean Tiernan
Mary Jean Tiernan

Are you tired of struggling to achieve your weight loss & fitness goals?

No matter what your goal is, together we can make it happen! I will design a fitness “plan of action” that will work for your specific needs.

Whether you are looking to...

  • Lose weight
  • Have more energy for the grand kids
  • Develop strong, shapely muscles
  • Touch your toes again (or maybe for the first time)
  • Walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded

Together, we can improve the quality of your life. I promise this will be a fun and rewarding experience. Call for a free consultation today.

Outline of Services:

  • One-on-One Training Sessions: In-Home or at One2One Training Center
  • 30 Minute or 60 Minute Sessions Available
  • Individual or Group Sessions
  • Senior Fitness Programs
  • Customized Fitness Program for each Client
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Post-Rehab Exercise Programs
  • No Contracts. No long term commitments
  • Expert care and motivation…never a dull moment!


  • ACE-CPT (American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer)
  • ACIM-PFIT CPFT (American College of Integrative Medicine Certified Personal Fitness Trainer)
  • PFIT (Instructor/Examiner American College of Integrative Medicine)

Cell: 832-498-7849
Email me

Scott Unruh
  • Specialist on full functional training
  • Expert on Posr Rehab exercises
  • Sort Specific Training and Conditioning

Contact Scott:

Paul Yost
Paul Yost

Paul Yost focuses on improving your look and performance through individualized and progressive training programs. He also provides you with access to nutrition and supplement programs to speed up your results.

Find more more information about his services and products through his website:



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